Elevate Your Assigning Game with ArbiterSports

Experience the future of sports assigning with ArbiterSports. Our platform is designed to eliminate common assigning errors, providing you with a comprehensive view of your officials, their availability, and credentials. 

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to efficiency.

"Our organization has been using ArbiterSports software since 2007, when Assigning was the only offering.  The layout and functionality of their software is user-friendly, with Arbiter Pay receiving the most positive feedback for its ease of use from our constituents.  Our experience with ArbiterSports software and its personnel has always been positive and unsurpassed.  We look forward to years to come of a continued successful relationship with ArbiterSports."


Erie 1 BOCES
Section VI, NYSPHSAA, Inc.


Event Based Evaluations

Our platform allows administrators to set up surveys based on specific events. Collect valuable feedback on penalties, performance, and more to continuously improve the quality of your events.

Real-Time Penalty Reports

Gain real-time insights into the penalties and fouls called during games. Our intuitive dashboard allows administrators to review and analyze data for informed decision-making.

Instant Schedule Notifications

Never miss an update with our real-time schedule notifications. Emails are sent directly to your roster, notifying them of any cancellations or changes, so everyone stays on the same page.

Customizable Alerts

Customize game-related alerts according to your specific requirements. From reminders to other important notifications, tailor your settings for a seamless assigning experience

Swift and Secure Payments

Experience the ease of financial transactions with Arbiter Pay, a cornerstone of our sports assigning software. Whether you're managing college conferences or local recreational departments, we've got you covered.



Easy Paysheets & Invoices

Keep track of your payments effortlessly with our easy-to-access paysheets and invoices. All your financial data, neatly organized.

1099 Compliance 

Stay compliant with tax regulations. Our platform streamlines the reporting and monitoring of payments, making 1099 compliance a breeze.

Instant Account Creation

Officials can create their accounts in a snap, manage them via our user-friendly app, and have funds deposited in seconds.

Ensure Officials Are Eligible

As an Officials Association, you are tasked with registering officials and ensuring that they meet your eligibility requirements.  This means providing a secure, easy-to-use system to collect fees and personal information in addition to running background checks.  



Your Public Portal

Easily build your own official online portal, exclusively for your own network of refs, where you can communicate, train, and publish your own materials.

Official Registration

Onboard new officials or collect updated information regularly, easily setup registration, collect fees and monitor results.

Background Check

Automate background checks to assure you can hire with peace of mind. Knowledge isn’t just power, knowledge is compliance.